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Polyethylene Film Property Experts

The following experts are available as polyethylene film property consultants and polyethylene film property expert witnesses.  Intota experts are peer-recommended authorities who have been carefully selected and rigorously screened.
    Definition:  Polyethylene Film Property - A property of a polyethylene film, such as elongation or oxygen impermeability.

Synonyms:  PE film property

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Polyethylene Film Property Experts
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Expert in Plastic film, stretch film, cling film, plastics extrusion, plastics forming, polymer science.
A Bachelor of Science Chemical Engineer with 27 years experience in the plastics industry. An accomplished plastics extrusion, forming, testing, and end-use engineer. Expertise in extrusion process/product engineering includes a thorough understanding of ... See full profile

Arkansas (AR), USA

Expert in Packaging Economics, Supply Chain, Benchmarking, Products, Processes, Market Data, Design, Financial
Expert has both a theoretical background and hands-on knowledge of extrusion processes of all types, including coatings, lamination, and film production. He has broad experience with these processes and the corresponding equipment. See full profile

Minnesota (MN), USA

Expert in Polymer Chemistry, LLDPE, LDPE
Polymers; ethylene copolymer; addition polymer; linear low-density polyethylene. Expert has expertise in the preparation, properties, and uses of polymers, including: addition polymers; ethylene copolymers; ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA); ... See full profile

Virginia (VA), USA

Expert in Plant Breeding, Plasticulture, Agricultural Plastics, Mulch Film, etc.
Dr. J. Expert's expertise lies in breeding cucurbit crops, including melon, squash, and pumpkin. He has developed popular early varieties of melon for northern latitudes which are widely used by commercial growers, bush strains of Cucurbita maxima, and ... See full profile

New Hampshire (NH), USA


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